Guiding Principles

At ICON, we believe that there’s strength in synergy, and a better way to scale. With so many insurance organizations competing in the market, we’ve built a platform for successful insurance distributors that share in a vision of long-term success.

Embrace Culture

Culture speaks directly to what a company is and what it aspires to be.

At ICON, we foster a culture where successful leaders can accelerate growth without compromising their core values. Three foundational elements serve as the basis of our culture: our values, our mission, and our vision.

Our Values

Our values guide our day-to-day life, how we treat customers and each other.

  • Maximize entrepreneurial spirit to drive innovation
  • Be on the front lines of transformation.
  • Do what’s right. Always be honest, do what you say, use common sense. Take the long view. Be responsible and accountable.
  • Make a greater impact on the lives of our team, our clients, and our communities
  • Enjoy life. Have fun. We are in the business of insurance, but more importantly, we are in the business of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make life better for our team, our clients and our communities by creating shared value and meet their aspirations. We keep this at the center of every decision we make. The concept of shared value is a simple idea; what we do as a business has to benefit everyone at every level.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our affiliates with the systems, tools and resources that they need while fostering a culture that helps them remain entrepreneurial.

Transform Business

By executing on our defined strategy for transforming our business, ICON affiliates can make a greater impact on the lives of their clients and operate their businesses more efficiently.

Elevate Your Future

The opportunities are infinite when you partner with ICON.