ICON Affiliates


Common characteristics among ICON affiliates include:

Engaged management who want to continue to lead the business while aligning with a partner who offers assurances that can address the short and long term goals of their desired succession plan.

Maximize their entrepreneurial spirit to drive innovation and be on the front lines of transformation.

View access to capital as a resource for facilitating acquisitions a part of their future strategy.

Seek to monetize a portion of their ownership today and are motivated by a structure that offers opportunity for future liquidity events that allow them to participate in continued growth.

Seeking to reduce administrative “back-office” functions that get in the way of growing the business (commission accounting, HR, etc.).

Concerned about the rising costs of business and their ability to maintain a competitive position in the market given the changes taking place around them.

Recognize the value of alignment and the opportunities that come by being part of a larger distribution organization that offers a robust suite of resources and shared services.

Views non-traditional / alternative distribution and expanded product offerings as core to future success.

Elevate Your Future

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