Shared Services & Support

Corporate Shared Services & Affiliate Support

Designed with a single purpose. To enable our affiliates with the ability to reduce the amount of time and resources they are committing to “back-office” / administrative functions that get in the way of them growing their business.

Treasury Mangement






Treasury Management

Accounting & Finance
ICON affiliates enjoy the benefit of a fully functioning finance department and the ability to manage their business’ finances through different services/tools while gaining support with A/R & A/P functions, audit, tax reporting, and commissions.

Legal & Compliance

Today’s regulatory environment makes it almost impossible for small businesses to keep up with the changing regulations happening around them. Our affiliates can leverage high-quality enterprise resources through the support of a full in-house legal department, compliance, personnel training, and hands on support in transitioning to a fuller compliance adherence.

Human Resources

ICON affiliates benefit from access to our corporate HR team and suite of HR solutions including; Workday, Payroll, and a comprehensive employee benefits package that’s second-to-none and offers additional “a la carte” benefit options.

Marketing & Communications

Experience the value of a having a full marketing and communications team ready to help you and your team grow your business. ICON affiliates have access to high-quality enterprise marketing resources (both, in-house and from partner agencies) offering omnichannel marketing support (full Media stack; Print, TV, Social), PR and communications, a full content library, social media resources, calendars, and lead generation expertise.

IT & Cybersecurity

The need for IT and cybersecurity continues to increase as does the cost for accessing the right resources. We eliminate these pain points by providing leading industry solutions like; cybersecurity – enterprise protection platform, industry leading AMS/CRM, integrated recruiting and tracking platform, distribution management solutions for commissions, contracting and sales, a fully staffed IT Helpdesk, and exclusive e-submission capabilities.

Data & Analytics

ICON affiliates are empowered to grow business through the support of our in-house Data & Analytics (advanced analytics, integrations, descriptive, predictive insights, etc.) team and the use of an integrated inforce policy administration and real-time carrier intel that proactively provides call-to-action opportunities and equips marketers with the high-probability outcome intelligence to grow sales and increase the value that they bring to their advisors to help develop deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Elevate Your Future

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